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Business Breakfast: Behaviour Change

  • Triodos The Foundation, Lower Ground Floor, St George’s Road Bristol, England, BS1 5BE United Kingdom (map)

The Future Economy Network are excited to announce we will be co-hosting this event with Triodos Bank. We will be joined by representatives from subscribers Six, Triodos, University West of England and Peter Brett Associates, now part of Stantec to speak at this event.

Ruth Clarke, Deputy MD at Six will be speaking on “Change – Purpose – Culture: Sustainability is good for business – fact.”

The success of an organisation lies on getting three things right: strategy, leadership, culture and behaviours. These lie at the heart of how we influence these areas in the right direction. Six will be discussing how product performance by itself is no longer enough. Consumers, employees and shareholders are looking for far more. How can you discover your purpose to help define your brand in people’s minds, why does it matter and how is that delivered? Six will explore how brands worldwide are influencing behaviour and culture change, and what that means in terms of the bottom line.

Matt Jones, Associate Professor of Public Health at University West of England's Centre for Public Health and Wellbeing

Behaviour change is a massively perplexing subject. History is littered with valiant projects that lead to nothing, but now and then we get an example of mass human transformation that defies prediction. While some despair with obsolescent primal drives of human apes, others enthuse about the plasticity of consciousness and the possibility for change. Everyone acting for a greener economy needs to take stock of what we know and don't know about behaviour change, particularly because sustainability throws some very different challenges compared to the behavioural concerns of fossil-fuelled capitalism. After running University West of England's short course in Creating Sustainable Behaviour Change for seven years, I'll try to show how recent research is helping us think and act in new ways. Spoiler alert: we're not going to fix this one over breakfast.

Bob Pinkett, Director at Peter Brett Associates, will present his views on delivering travel behaviour change. He will review theories of mass behaviour change in marketing, health and psychology, and then how his team have applied them to travel and transport, with examples provided from projects in Australia and the UK. He proposes that current travel planning projects, by only focussing on how to influence an individual’s propensity to change, miss the potentially greater collective impact of social networks and community relationships which they believe are being significantly undervalued.

Simon Crichton, Food Farming & Trade Team Manager at Triodos Bank, will be examining behaviour change within sustainability: how does the scale of the problem inhibit action from both businesses and individuals? He’ll tell the Triodos Bank story – of a change agent that hoped to make itself redundant in a few years but is now turning 40 – and will give examples of how the organisation, and its customers, are working to change their own behaviour and influence others.


07:45 - 08:00 - Registration and Coffee

08:00 - 08:10 - Introduction from The Future Economy Network

08:10 - 08:25 – Six

08:25 – 08:40 – University West of England

08:40 - 08:55 - Peter Brett Associates, now part of Stantec

08:55 - 09:10 - Triodos

09:10 - 09:20 - Q&A

09:20 - 09:25 - 60 Second Pitches

09:25 - 09:30 - Close

09:30 - 10:00 – Networking and breakfast

Get To Know Our Speakers!

Ruth Clarke, Deputy MD, Six

Ruth is an experienced marketer who has worked with a bag of different clients and brands, in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Strategic and multi-channel and with an attitude of rolling up her sleeves to get the job done, she became part of the early leadership team at what was previously Studio Six and has been a key driver of our marketing and business development agenda. Her role now is helping to maintain Six’s vision and ensure they are the best they can be.

Matt Jones, Associate Professor of Public Health, University West of England's Centre for Public Health and Wellbeing

Matt is working on the boundaries between sustainable food and public health. His concern is that we are failing to make food a ‘public good’ in the way we do with education, health or transport. The current food system over-supplies the wrong foods, unfairly, at costs to the environment, and in a way that does not bring us together. With a background in social anthropology, Matt investigates the food cultures of institutional settings across the life course – from nurseries and schools to hospitals and care homes – and from the level of neighbourhoods to cities. Matt is interested in finding out how to change behaviours and systems for the better. This has led him to evaluate leading programmes such as ‘Food for Life’ in schools, ‘Sustainable Food Cities’ and ‘Eating Together’ in hospitals. When away from research you might find him weeding in Bristol’s New Roots Community Allotment.

Bob Pinkett, Director, Peter Brett Associates, now part of Stantec.

Bob leads PBA’s sustainable transport team, with responsibility for travel plans, walking, cycling, bus and rail.

He brings over 25 years’ experience of delivering large scale travel behaviour change programmes in the UK and Australia. Bob was instrumental in establishing the first UK school travel plans in Hampshire in the 1990s and was the lead on the first regional car travel reduction intervention, Headstart.

Bob then led pioneering personalised travel planning (PTP) work in London and Melbourne in 2004 – 2008, moving on to our current largest PTP project in Plymouth, where we have connected with over 90,000 households in the city. Bob has overseen the transition from first generation marketing led interventions to new models of influencing behaviour, including early work in utilising social media and community participation approaches in Brighton. Increasingly we are also using our behaviour change insights in support of health, water and energy projects, with Bob making the case that utilising behavioural psychology techniques specifically tailored to individuals and groups can secure positive results.

Simon Crichton, Food Farming & Trade Team Manager, Triodos Bank

Simon leads Triodos Bank’s specialist organic food, farming and trade team. With 20 years of banking experience, he has supported a wide variety of businesses working for positive social and environmental change. Simon was on the Organic Trade Board and is involved with a number of other organisations supporting a sustainable approach to business.

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