Ian Roderick, Director, The Schumacher Institute

“The Future Economy Network serves a great purpose to connect the many organisations and people working towards a sustainable future. Whether it is a small solar installer looking to discover how markets are changing or a large financial company looking for investment opportunities or an organisation wanting to reduce costs to both the environment and the bottom line then FEN offers the best place around to get involved. Here at the Schumacher Institute we are dedicated to applying systems sciences to the many difficult issues we face and we see enterprise, guided through principles, as essential – FEN is an excellent guide.”

Sarah Martin, Business Development Director, Lemon Gazelle

"Lemon Gazelle has recently joined the Future Economy Network and we have found the events and opportunities it presents to connect with other sustainability businesses to be excellent.  The events are well organised and highly informative and we are looking forward to forming relationships with many of the other subscriber businesses over the coming months."

Simon Forsyth, Environmental Consultant, Carbon Lens

“Your zero carbon building is smack on the line of what’s needed to walk the talk - climate change is all very centre stage, at last, with both Extinction Rebellion and David Attenborough making the case that it’s time to stop living in a dream world and face the truth. Suddenly, FEN’s central proposition seems to be what everybody wants. It is here, it is now.”

Roland Billington, Director, Cadence Planning

“Very enjoyable morning at Pure Planet, the speakers were very relevant to the current debate on climate change.  Great opportunity to to network and meet up over a coffee and croissant, very enjoyable morning.”

Andrew Henderson, New Business Development Manager, 3 Step IT

“I attended a Future Economy Group event about Digitalisation and Sustainability recently and, in terms of networking opportunity, it was one of the best. Normally people just disappear at the end of the presentations, but here, the vast majority stuck around and wanted to hear and share what their businesses were doing to help drive sustainability. Very valuable, and I will be attending lots more.”

Paul Hardman, Director, Gregg Latchams

“I found this session particular useful to us as a law firm that is putting innovation at the heart of our strategy for the next 5 years.  I am applying the learning straight away.  I also found it a good place to make connections and am following up with a meeting tomorrow with another of your delegates.  All round an excellent event.”

Nikki Jones MSc, Freelance Researcher

“A great organisation - a really necessary forum for business in and around Bristol. Good venues, well organised events, excellent liaison with the team.”

David Broom, Sales Manager, Kensa Group

“Really pleased with the event, the best networking event I've attended for some time. A room crammed full of our target market, engaged with the topic and looking to learn more.”

Ruth Smith, Director, Sustainable Results Lab

“Thanks for organising another fantastic event. Looking forward to swapping my energy to Pure Planet, really enjoyed learning about it.”

Connor Bryant, Designer & Director, Loop Innovations

“As a young and growing business, The Future Economy Network has been invaluable at connecting us with other sustainable businesses & thinkers. The regularly hosted events are always chaired by interesting & knowledgable speakers covering a wide range of topics, great for both meeting other network members as well as learning from the talks. As well as connecting with other businesses, the Network has connected us with organisations providing business support, grants & investment. We are very happy to be part of this growing Network.”

Nick Haigh, Analyst, Strategic Innovation

“The FEN team have been excellent in supporting, promoting and facilitating our recent workshop. A super friendly team who have helped us engage with a new audience. Thank you for all your time and effort, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Bridget Appleby, Founder/CEO, Sustainabubbles

“The Future Economy Network is an invaluable resource for every business working in the low carbon, sustainable arena. They provide networking events with updates on the latest technologies and innovative developments (and excellent pastries!). More importantly they provide information about, and introductions to, companies which could mutually profit through partnerships. For Sustainabubbles, our partners are crucial, and we have found introductions through the Future Economy Network are far more likely to result in engagement and productive discussion than any other form of approach. Katherine and Vickey are friendly, approachable and enthusiastic and are providing a great service to the local low carbon economy.”

Ruth Binny, Local Energy Policy Lead, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

“Thanks so much for inviting me to speak at your Green Great Britain Week event in Bristol. It was a very informative event, with a great range of speakers, and provided a valuable opportunity to discuss national clean growth policies, progress, and next steps. Thanks again!”

Joseph Watts, Project Manager, Wiper and True

“Just to say thank you for putting on a great event last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was invaluable to get a fresh perspective on our sustainability approaches.”

Dave Kilby, Founder/CEO, Natural Apptitude

“I wanted to say thank you to The Future Economy Network for the intros to the business development programmes.  I'm signing up for a workshop with UWE and have just had a great meeting with Andy Bates from Business West.  Had a super useful chat with him that looks set to lead on to even more useful conversations in the near future.  Just what I was looking for!”

Lucy Gatward, Marketing Manager, Better Food

“I found this week's event, Getting a LITTER bit tired of poor Resource Management, so interesting, and it helped me make a decision about a packaging dilemma we have at Better Food, so it was really useful.”

Sara Sloman, Principal Officer, North Somerset Council 

“Delighted to have participated in the thought provoking session entitled “The Time is NOW for Adopting EVs” where I offered an end user/customer insight to large scale fleet conversion and EV infrastructure roll out project Go Ultra Low West funded by OLEV. It is vital that sessions like this are run by experts from The Future Economy Network who are facilitating the knowledge transfer amongst professionals promoting the EV message”

Tara Walsh, Client Solutions Lead, Foot Anstey

"Great interactive event with lots of food for thought as well as practical tools to take away...looking forward to the next one!"

Catherine Chapman, Studio Manager/PR & Marketing, Alec French Architects

“Working with Future Economy Network on their Sustainable Food and Drink event at our offices recently has been a huge pleasure.  Co-hosting this event and sourcing the food and beverages using the brief that Phoebe sent to us was a fun challenge, made simpler by Phoebe's professional, friendly and effective approach.  We're also very much looking forward to working with FEN to create the perfect Sustainability Hub in Bristol, an exciting new project close to our hearts which we look forward to completing with our Client.”