Interviews with our Speakers


Tom Lloyd-Jones, Deputy Head of Corporate Banking, HSBC Bank


Brendon Bester, Director, Sulis Import Solutions


Nicholas Trowles, Engineer, Burohappold Engineering


Wendy Stephenson, CEO, The Converging World


Dr Nick Banks, Director, People Planet and Power


Owen Hewlett, Chief Technical Officer, The Gold Standard


Bridget Appleby, Founder/CEO, Sustainabubbles


Angela Terry, Founder, One Home


Vicky Murray, Sustainability Manager, Pukka Herbs


James Sterling, Communication, Engagement & Partnership Manager, Bristol City Council


David Broom, Sales Manager, Kensa Group


Rufus Ford, Business Development Manager, Vattenfall


Stephen Ward, Regional Director, AECOM


Dr Jamie O'Hare, Sustainable Design and Innovation Specialist, Strategic Innovation


Paul Frobisher, Director, Strategic Innovation


James Berry, CEO, Bristol Credit Union


Lucy Frankel, Communications Director, Vegware


Claire Thomas, Associate, Integral Engineering Design