To become sustainable you need to learn what’s what in the industry. These seminars will bring together industry experts and help support business to become sustainable. There are 10 chosen topics each located in a different venue throughout Bristol city centre.


Sponsored by Bristol Energy

Hosted at Burges Salmon


Sponsored by Kensa Contracting

Hosted at Smith and Williamson

Smart Cities

Sponsored by TLT LLP

Hosted at Smith and Williamson

Sustainable Construction

Sponsored by Bevan Brittan

Hosted at Triodos

Air Quality and Emissions

Hosted at Environment Agency

Bristol (and other cities) are above legal limits for their air quality. This seminar will discuss how air quality can be improved both for health and wellbeing reasons but also to be in line with climate emergency targets of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The business opportunities associated with achieving improved air quality will be discussed as well as a summary of the associated funding opportunities.

Circular Economy

Hosted at Burges Salmon

All businesses have a need for electronic and office equipment within their operations. How can circular economy principles be adopted to reduce risks around WEEE, conflict minerals and human rights violations? And what developments in office recycling opportunities are available for businesses to link into?

International Trade

Hosted at Grant Thornton

Sustainability often means shortening supply chains and supporting local business but this is not always possible or appropriate. How can businesses still be sustainable when trading internationally? What considerations need to be made around international transportation of goods? How can scope 3 carbon emissions be effectively addressed?

Skills and Education

Hosted at Grant Thornton

With a need to drastically change the way in which we live, work and play in order to achieve a 2030 carbon neutrality target, what are the skills required for our future workforce? This is an interactive workshop using the latest technology (poll everywhere app or similar) for a business audience to flag up any skills gaps and to link in to apprenticeship and placement opportunities.

Sustainable Finance

Hosted at Triodos

How does the business community ensure that their investments are doing good, are ethical and sustainable? What incentives are there for business to consider sustainable finance as the preferred option and how do sustainability leaders instil longer term thinking, thereby making the business case for sustainable investment choices?

Travel and Transport

The decarbonisation of our travel and transport systems is key to progressing our ambitions towards carbon neutrality. How will public transport, active transport, the automobile industry and air travel look by 2030 and what opportunities are there for businesses to help progress these aspirations?

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