Pure Planet LOWERS its energy prices

●  Renewable energy firm Pure Planet lowers the price of its ‘100% Green’ tariff, with a 6% drop in its gas prices

●  An average dual fuel household with Pure Planet now pays £962 a year - a £292 saving on the Ofgem price cap and the Big 6 standard variable tariffs

●  The move establishes that modern green suppliers offering renewable electricity and carbon offset gas are now much cheaper than legacy providers

Bath, UK, 8 May 2019

Pure Planet has today announced it is lowering its prices, only weeks after the Big 6 put their prices up.

The digital-only renewable energy supplier has dropped the price of gas by 6% on average for a medium user, which means a typical dual fuel Member sees their annual bill fall to £962 a year* - down from £986, saving £24.

The change comes into effect today. All Pure Planet’s dual fuel Members benefit immediately. New customers also go onto the new rate as of today.

It is the second time Pure Planet has lowered its prices this year.

The saving means the Bath-based supplier is now £292 - or 23% - cheaper than the £1,254 Ofgem price cap and the Big Six suppliers, who all increased their standard variable tariffs on 1 April to just under the Cap**.

The price drop is on the cost of gas, which is down 6% on average. Electricity prices remain unchanged, which means the overall price reduction for a dual fuel Member is 2.4%.

Pure Planet has one tariff, with 100% renewable electricity sourced from wind and solar power, and 100% carbon offset gas with zero mark-up on the cost of their energy. This means that when Pure Planet’s costs change – because of wholesale market movements for example – so does its tariff.

A reduction in the wholesale price of gas, which has allowed Pure Planet to pass on the savings announced today, has been caused in part by an

abnormally warm few months between February and May. 2019 has already seen the hottest February day on record. The 25th was the first time temperatures surpassed 20°C in the month.

The unseasonably warm temperatures have seen people using less heating for their homes, meaning gas storage has been replaced sooner than expected which has lowered demand for gas.

Steven Day, co-founder of Pure Planet, said: “This price decrease will encourage more people to cut their bills and cut their carbon footprint by choosing fresh, clean renewable electricity and carbon offset gas.

“We believe 2019 will be the biggest year yet in the fight against climate change, and we want to help people cut their carbon. With affordable renewable energy from Pure Planet, a typical household can save £292 a year and save around three tonnes of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere.

“Now is the time to become an everyday activist by switching your home to clean energy which is good for your pocket and good for your planet.”

Pure Planet is a member of the Energy Switch Guarantee scheme, a Living Wage and Disability Confident employer, and a signatory to the UN’s Global Compact.