FEG May Update

With the screening of David Attenborough’s recent Climate Change documentary, the activities from Extinction Rebellion and the release of the recent Committee on Climate Change Net Zero report, there is little doubt that things are picking up a pace within the climate change movement nationally. And The Future Economy Network is proud to be doing their bit on both a local and regional level!

Locally, Future Leap; our carbon neutral sustainable business hub is coming on well with our living wall flourishing thanks to recent rain showers. And speaking of showers, progress is also being made on our shower block; essential for those wanting to choose  active travel as their means of commuting to our co-working space.

Further afield, The Future Economy Group is showcasing their services at events such as the North Somerset Agricultural Show and the Network is expanding its events programme out into the South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Wiltshire from next month. As such, we are expanding our team, with three new members joining our events team in June! The Festival of Sustainable Business is receiving regional and  national coverage from Greenhouse PR and Business Insider amongst others.

The Festival will be key for all businesses wanting to progress their sustainability actions in line with climate change commitments, so book your tickets now if you haven’t done so already!  I think our subscriber summarises the current mood best, thanks as always for your support Simon! 

Simon Forsyth, Carbon Lens

“Your zero carbon building is smack on the line of what’s needed to walk the talk - climate change is all very centre stage, at last, with both Extinction Rebellion and David Attenborough making the case that it’s time to stop living in a dream world and face the truth. Suddenly, FEN’s central proposition seems to be what everybody wants. It is here, it is now.”