“Where and How Is The World Adapting To Climate Change?” 5/6 with Nikki Jones 22nd August 2019

Nikki Jones’ Summer Series Part 5 - “Where and How Is The World Adapting To Climate Change?” co-hosted by The Future Economy Network and Metro Bank


On 22nd August The Future Economy Network welcomed Nikki Jones back for the 5th in her series of talks on energy and climate change, this time the topic being focused on how the world is adapting to climate change. Spoiler alert: too slowly. The event took place at Metro Bank’s centrally located Bristol branch and kicked off with the Events Officer The Future Economy Network discussing the benefits of subscription, upcoming events and the Festival of Sustainable Business.


Nikki then discussed the places and techniques around the world being implemented in response to climate change. She talked about various kinds of exciting green tech, locally and internationally, that are changing the way we see normal. However, consistently did Nikki point out that green tech is not what will save us entirely; our attitude and behaviour to minimise our negative impacts and maximise our positive ones is the holy grail.  


 The event was concluded by some interesting discussions during the Q&A session, mainly focusing around renewable energy options in Bristol. We would like to thank Nikki Jones for speaking & our subscribers Metro Bank for providing the event space & refreshments.