Could your business benefit from an electric pool bike?


Now is the perfect time to start and loan and find out how electric bikes can benefit your business:

·         Lower mileage claims and spending on travel

·         Reduce your need for expensive car parking spaces

·         Shorten journey times, with less time in traffic or looking for a parking space

·         Healthier staff

·         Boost your green credentials.

Electric bikes are fitted with a powerful electric motor making pedalling easy so you can dress in your normal work clothes and arrive feeling fresh and energised. Each bike is fitted with large panniers giving plenty of room to carry laptops and any other equipment you need to take with you. The bikes come with all necessary accessories, and we cover the cost of the maintenance and organise delivery and collection. This is a great way to find out for free whether an electric bike would be a useful asset for your staff. We have loaned bikes to over 70 businesses, and many have gone on to buy pool bikes themselves.


What others say:

“The scheme was very easy to understand and we used the bikes for over 1,400 business miles to visit patients in their homes across the city. We are now looking at securing funding to purchase our own fleet of electric bikes!”

Caroline Bannister, Deputy General Manager, South Bristol Community Hospital

“The electric loan bike has made significant savings for the business by replacing taxis and personal vehicle use for site visits and business meetings. All of the staff have tried it and find it easy and enjoyable to ride. It has helped inspire a cycling culture.”

Nigel Dyke, Director, Alec French Architects


To find out more please email: or call: 0117 3576241