3 energy efficient ways to reduce your heating bills and lower carbon emissions

Every year in the UK we spend millions more than we actually need to heat our homes and workplaces. However, a lot of what is really costing us and the environment is ‘heat loss’. There are actually some really simple and low-cost solutions to reduce your heating bills, by using insulation tactics and also improving the speed of our heating systems. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the most do-able options, all of which have a payback in 6 months or less!

  1. Apply a heating additive to your radiator

If you have gas heating system, you can use a heating additive such as Endotherm to save up to 15 % on your heating bills. Endotherm is a scientific solution that changes the molecule bonds in water, to reduce surface tension. Without delving too much into the science of it all, this essentially means your water will heat quicker and radiate faster! Your boiler uses less fuel and the radiators stays hotter for longer, which has been independently tested by the energy savings trust to save up to 15% every year. What’s great about the product is that it’s very affordable, a 500ml bottle will dose up to 12 radiators and it also lasts more than 6 years. We offer a competitive price at just £ 3X a bottle, so depending on the size of your heating system, you are generally looking at a 6 month payback!


2. Draught proofing

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep the heat in, but if you don’t have a large budget for high tech solutions, then foam and sealant hangings are a great way to fill in holes. Look for windows with gaps, electrical fittings, floorboards (big culprit). Adhesive strips for doors, also stop heat being lost and are very cost-effective.

3. Thermal paints

Thermal paints offer an extra layer of insulation and don’t look too distracting. This thin layer of paint, works by creating a reflective layer and acts as a barrier for the heat This is something we at The Future Economy Group will be using on the brickwork of our sustainability hub in Bristol. It works particularly well if you have a really nice feature in your office or home building, that you wouldn’t like to clad or cover up.

All of these are quick, easy and cost-effective fixes, that can easily be put into action. We particularly recommend Endotherm and are proud to announce that we shall be stocking bottles of Endotherm in our retail space, as well as offering a free quote online. If you’re interested in EndoTherm we recommend signing up below and we can let you know how much carbon and money you could save.

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