Live Sustainably in the city with these innovative food waste apps

Nearly 1/3 of all world food produced, is wasted. It’s easy to forget about the water, carbon and energy it takes, to bring fresh food to your table. 80% of the average UK food shop is thrown away, with meat, fish and milk are the commonly wasted foods.

We can change our attitudes to reduce food waste at home, but there are also an emerging number of exciting food apps and technologies which are solving the problem of waste in the city. Many of the experts in this field have spoken at our Sustainable Food and Drink event last week.

Here’s a round up of apps you can use in Bristol and the SouthWest..

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  1. Too Good To Go

    This handy app, lets you eat at really nice restaurants for a fraction of the price.

Any food that will otherwise be thrown away and is good enough to eat, can be purchased at special time slots through out the day.

You bring along your own tupperware or are given a ‘magic bag’ that is filled with tasty food! From £2 sushi with your friends or £3 curry on a Sunday evening, there are some serious bargains on this app!

Restaurants throw out nearly 17,000 double deckers busses worth of food waste every year (a whopping 200,000 tons!) So it’s a much needed app.

2. The Refill app

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This handy app let’s you fill up your reusable bottle, without feeling like you have to purchase something at various tap venues in Bristol. With the colossal effects of plastic waste from water bottles and tap water in the UK, being some of the best in the world, it makes a lot sense to go reusable. This app is now nationwide so you can fill your water bottle anywhere, from train stations to cafes.

The app is pioneered by City To Sea, who recently did a talk at our sustainability event.


3. Olio

This app connects you with neighbours and local shops, to share food that would otherwise be thrown out. You can offer food yourself, or go and grab food yourself from a variety of places.

Olio say “Whether you’re a household or business, adding to OLIO is easy. Simply snap a photo, add a brief description and provide pick-up details. A lovely neighbour will be delighted to take it off your hands.”

We run weekly sustainability events, where you can connect with the green business community.

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